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Regional Train the Trainer Workshops

Topics in the training have been updated to include research on the impact of the current pandemic, and an important focus on bias and diversity


*COVID-19 Update: Until we're closer to the dates of our events, we cannot be certain if training will be conducted in person or online (virtual). In an abundance of caution, we will decide on the format of the event as the date approaches, and we'll communicate that to all registrants. There will definitely be virtual TTT event(s) offered for those who prefer that format. Attendees are not limited to Massachusetts counties. Out of state, and out of country attendees are welcome to register and attend virtual workshops. 

These workshops are held every Fall most often in collaboration with several amazing Massachusetts District Attorneys. During the workshop, participants will be trained and certified by MARC to educate their colleagues in bullying and cyberbullying prevention. This program is intended and tested for use with professional teachers and other educational staff, faculty and administrators in K-12 schools. The cost for the 2-4 hour training includes materials, one year access to digital materials, and
a PDP certificate (upon request). A document with this information can be downloaded here.


You MUST register in order to attend! Our list of dates and registration links can be found below. Unless otherwise indicated all workshops will begin at 9 a.m. Eastern Time. Because we can't anticipate format, we have locked registration fees at $125.00 per person for all scheduled workshops. Due to the reduced cost, if an event is held in-person we will not be able to provide meals and attendees will have to bring their own lunch.

*If you are unable to attend a Regional Workshop or are interested in having one for your school (minimum: 5 attendees) learn more about our Private Workshops HERE. For more Faculty training opportunities please see our full listing HERE.

Please note that once registered you are responsible for payment. To cancel your registration you must email us ( 7 days before your scheduled workshop. If workshop materials have been sent no refunds will be issued.

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Regional Train the Trainer Workshops/Webinars

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Previous 2021 Dates

Plymouth County

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Worcester County

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Norfolk County

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Middlesex County

Tuesday, November 9, 2021


Sorry you missed these dates! See below for more options.

Regional Train the Trainer Workshops/Webinars

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Bristol County


Wednesday, December 1, 2021

9 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST

Cost: $125 per person

This training will be a WEBINAR using BSU's secure Zoom account. Full details will be emailed to all registrants within one week of the event.


Previous Workshops

A sincere THANK YOU to our 2020 Regional Train the Trainer District Attorney Co-sponsors...

Worcester County

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Plymouth County

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Norfolk County

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Bristol County

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and Partners...

Middlesex County

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Their support was greatly appreciated!




Helping schools prepare for the return of students

*Recording and notes available HERE!


This webinar is designed to help educators (administrators, classroom teachers, psychological staff, and others) prepare for the return of students after a prolonged absence due to this pandemic. 


Several important issues will face schools and teachers: 

  • academically, students will almost certainly be behind where they would have been had they been attending school; 

  • It is likely that students will be in different places academically, as families with different resources will have completed different levels of work at home;

  • many students may have been spending much more screen time than they were prior to the pandemic;

  • some students will be coming back to school with emotional difficulties, possibly including trauma and the death of family members; 

  • the families of some students may be under significant financial stress;  

  • students may be returning with physical challenges from a reduction in exercise, sleep interruptions, and interruption of regular meals; and

  • finally, children may have experienced social stress during the pandemic, including cyberbullying and bias against Asian Americans.


This webinar is not designed to directly address academic planning specifically, but will help educators plan for the social and emotional consequences, both in their students and in themselves as we cope with the reestablishment of traditional schooling. How these factors intersect with academic progress will be discussed.  Different roles (e.g., classroom teacher versus administrator) and children of different ages will be discussed.  We will discuss how to prepare faculty and staff; how to recognize signs that children need extra help; how to be stress and trauma sensitive; how to reestablish classroom routines; and how to empower students as part of their recovery.  Concrete planning will be emphasized.