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Faculty Train the Trainer Workshops

Become a Certified MARC Trainer

Available in 4 different Workshop types: live in-person, live online, online streaming, and private workshops at your school. These trainings are standardized. Regardless of which type or method you attend, the content is the same and you will be Certified at the end of the Workshop.

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  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime

  • Same content as our original workshops

  • Interactive

  • Complete whenever you like

  • Cost $145.00 per person

Content & Topics of Train the Trainer Workshops

Topics in the training includes new research on bullying, digital behaviors, bias and diversity, and the pandemics impact.

Participants will be trained and certified by MARC to educate their colleagues in bullying and cyberbullying prevention. This program is intended and tested for use with professional teachers and other educational staff, faculty and administrators in K-12 schools. The cost for the 3-4 hour training includes materials, one year access to digital materials, a PDP certificate (upon request), and when possible, a meal. A document with this information can be downloaded here.


You must register in order to attend.

Please note that once registered you are responsible for payment. To cancel your registration you must email us ( 7 days before your scheduled workshop. If workshop materials have been sent no refunds will be issued.

A sincere THANK YOU to all 2022/2023 Regional Train the Trainer District Attorney Co-sponsors...

Plymouth County

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Worcester County

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Norfolk County

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Bristol County

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and Partners...

Middlesex County

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Their support was greatly appreciated!

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