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The philosophy at MARC is that K-12 educators should benefit from personal attention and, whenever possible, the help and presence of professionals from the Center. 

Our goal is provide personalized help and assistance in implementing school change. 

Recognizing the burdens that K-12 educators struggle with in our society, we seek to make the program as little a burden as possible: our goal is to reduce workloads, not increase them. 

Before submitting MARC Request Form....

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Review Our Services

Visit our Programs & Services page to view the list of services for students, faculty, parents, and other stakeholders. Have questions that our FAQ page can't answer? Reach out via email or phone.


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Prepare School

It's best to start with everyone on the same page. Has administration and staff been included in a discussion about the MARC Services you're interested in?


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Make a List of Dates

Are there specific dates that you know work best for your school? This may save valuable time as our calendar fills up fast!


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Choose Liaison

The person responsible for making arrangements for your school should be listed as the contact on our form.


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Submit Request Form

Our online form will go step-by-step through our list of services and send a confirmation email once submitted.


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