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Our office is currently working remotely. Phones will not be answered until our expected return in late July. In the meantime, the best way to reach us is through our office email which is monitored daily:


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Frequently Asked Questions by topic

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How do I contact Country Thunder? We’d love to hear from you! We can be reached at 1.866.388.0007, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm CST. If you’d like to reach us by email, you can direct your message to I have an artist booking request! Who can I contact? Please fill out our artist application, located here! I’d like to become a vendor at Country Thunder! Vendor applications are currently available. Click here for our applications. I’m interested in a seasonal position with Country Thunder! We look forward to connecting with you! Please fill out our staff application, located here.


What items are allowed in the festival bowl?

  • Hats
  • Sun Block - We highly recommend!
  • Lighters - Smoking allowed in designated areas.
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach Towel
  • Blanket - Subject to search.
  • One Unopened Bottle of Water - Limit one bottle per person.
  • Fanny Packs - Are not required to be clear.
  • Digital Cameras - Non-professional digital cameras are allowed. DSLR cameras or those with a removable lens are not allowed inside the festival.
  • Disposable Cameras
  • Film Cameras (non-professional)
  • Soft Lawn chairs - Please remove from the bag so both items can be searched.
  • Strollers – Subject to search.
  • Cell Phones
  • Prescription medication is allowed in the original prescription bottle. Any guests attempting to bring in prescription medication must have photo identification card that matches the name printed on the prescription. The pills in the bottle must also match the medication/description printed on the prescription.
  • "Over-the-Counter” Medications are allowed in – Provided they are new and are in the original, factory-sealed container.
  • Required Medical Equipment - Wheelchairs, oxygen bottles etc. We encourage anybody with additional medical equipment to visit the medical building for assistance.
All items and patrons are subject to additional inspection prior to entering the venue. What items are not allowed in the festival bowl?
  • Glass Containers
  • Umbrellas
  • Chairs with Canopies
  • Outside Food & Beverages
  • Drones, Unmanned Aircraft Devices & Remote Controlled Vehicles
  • Alcoholic Beverages & Illegal Substances
  • Animals - With the exception of service animals for guests with disabilities.
  • Bags – Click here to view our Bag Policy
  • Bottles, Cans, Thermoses & Other Beverage Containers
  • Professional Cameras - DSLR cameras or those with a removable lens are not allowed.
  • Fireworks
  • Laptop Computers
  • Radios
  • Laser Pointer Devices
  • Noisemakers
  • Promotional/Advertising or Sale Materials, not approved by Country Thunder. Anyone found to be in violation of this policy will be removed from the festival grounds.
  • Seat Cushions larger than 15 inches x 15 inches or that contain armrests, zippers, pockets, flaps or metal backs - Subject to search.
  • Selfie sticks, sticks or poles
  • Video Cameras
  • Monopods and Tripods
  • Weapons - Knives, box-cutters, firearms, etc.
All items and patrons are subject to additional inspection prior to entering the venue. Trash Pickup: The Country Thunder site is beautiful - please help us to keep it that way. Please ensure that you bring trash bags with you to the festival, pick up your trash and keep your campsite clean. Please place bags in large dumpsters that are found at the end of each camping row. Owners of trash filled sites will be subject to a fine and may have renewal rights suspended. Additional trash bags are available from campground staff or at the campground office. Furniture: Upholstered household furniture is not allowed in the campgrounds. If you bring any of this furniture to the festival site, you will be fined $100 by campground staff. Arrangements can be made to return the payment by removing the furniture.


Do you offer a Payment Plan? We do, if your order is placed in advance! Our payment plan is currently unavailable, as we are too close to the festival. Why do I have a $1.00 charge on my card? If you just placed an order, you may notice that your card was charged for your purchase and a $1.00 charge. Our system used the $1.00 charge to verify your account information. This amount will drop off your account within a few business days. How will I receive my order? Your order will be fulfilled via email about eight weeks before the festival. You can print your tickets, or we can scan them from your phone! When you arrive at the festival, we'll give you stickers and wristbands. Can seats and campsites be renewed for next year? Yes! Campsites and reserved seats can be renewed each year. This year, renewals will open on the Thursday of the event. If you have items that are eligible for renewal, you will receive an email with more information. You can renew online, over the phone, or at the festival Information Booth! Can I transfer my seat or campsite if I won't be using it moving forward? If you are looking to transfer the right to renew for your campsite to a family member or friend, please use the "Send to Your Friends or Family" feature on our Lyte page. You can learn more about Lyte here. Can I upgrade my ticket after I've already purchased it? What is the cost? Yes! If you decide to upgrade prior to the festival, give us a call at 1.866.388.0007. If you decide to upgrade while at the festival, please visit Will Call or the Information Booth. The cost to upgrade is the difference between what you paid for the ticket and the new ticket price. I need to pick up items at Will Call. What should I do? No need to worry! When you arrive at the festival, you will see signs directing you to the Will Call location. Will Call will open at 9AM daily, on Wednesday, July 14th through Sunday, July 18th. *Please note, you will need a valid government-issued ID in order to pick up items from Will Call. The name on your ID must match the name listed on the order. How can I tell if a ticket is legitimate? We are unable to verify the validity of a third party sale. You can purchase a guaranteed wristband only from our website or through Lyte. I want to bring a few friends to the festival, can they share the same wristband on different days? We’re glad you want to bring friends, but unfortunately the wristband is non-transferrable; each person will need their own wristband. Does my weekend pass include Thursday and Friday? Yes! Your weekend pass includes the entire weekend, Thursday through Sunday.


Do I need to purchase a weekend wristband to gain access to the campgrounds? Yes, you will need a weekend wristband to gain access to the campgrounds. How many vehicles are allowed on my campsite? Bringing two vehicles? The purchase of your campsite includes one vehicle pass; if you’re planning to bring another vehicle, you will need to purchase an extra vehicle pass. The item can be purchased here. Please note, there is a maximum of two steering wheels per campsite. How large are the campsites? Each sites measures approximately 19' x 39', excluding campsites in Big Rig which are 20' x 45'. Please note that if your RV exceeds these measurements, you will need to purchase two campsites. Does my campsite include hookups for water or electricity? The only campsites that provide hookups for water and electricity are our Big Rig sites, located in the Preferred Campground. These sites are currently sold out for 2021 If you purchase a site without hookups, you're welcome to run a generator. Do I need to purchase my own port-o-potty? How can I buy a port-a-potty? While you may be more comfortable with your own personal potty, you are not required to purchase your own. Groups of potties are located in each campground for public use. The deadline to purchase a potty is Thursday, July 8th. Can I lock my port-o-potty? Yes, you can bring a lock! Please make sure the potty is unlocked on Saturday, July 17th, as we will service the unit. When is the deadline to reserve a port-a-potty? The deadline to reserve a port-a-potty is Thursday, July 8th. What should I bring to camp at Country Thunder? We want you to have a good time, but be comfortable too! We suggest you bring something that provides shade, plenty of water and ice, sun screen, comfortable shoes, etc. Is the price for my campsite just one day or the whole weekend? When do I need to vacate my campsite after the event? When you purchase a campsite, it’s yours for the entire festival AND it includes one vehicle pass. Campsites must be cleared out by the end of the day on Monday, July 22nd. What are the rules regarding generators? Generators are allowed but must be turned off during "Quiet Hours". "Quiet Hours" for generators begin at 2am and end at 7am. Can I light a bonfire? Bonfires and any fire of any kind, including tiki torches, are PROHIBITED in the campgrounds. Can I bring a grill? Gas and charcoal burning grills are permitted. Can I bring my pooch? What are the rules if I bring my pet? Pets are allowed in the campgrounds, but not inside the festival (with the exception of service dogs). Service dogs must wear proper ID tags or vest. If you do bring a pet to Country Thunder, you are responsible for them. Pets must be LEASHED and kept at your campsite at all times. You are also responsible for cleaning up after your pet. Garbage Collection The Country Thunder site is beautiful - please help us to keep it that way. Please ensure that you bring trash bags with you to the festival, pick up your trash and keep your campsite clean. Please place bags in large dumpsters that are found at the end of each camping row. Owners of trash filled sites will be subject to a fine and may have renewal rights suspended. Additional trash bags are available from campground staff or at the campground office. I'm dropping off a camper/my kids/ groceries at a campsite, but I'm not staying! What do I need to do? Entering the campgrounds without a weekend admission ticket is only permitted on Wednesday, July 17th with the purchase of a Drop-off Pass. What are the rules for driving in the campgrounds? Any type of recreational vehicle, including golf carts and ATVs, are not allowed in the campgrounds. Motorcycles are allowed in the campgrounds, but they will require a vehicle pass. Mudding, or reckless driving of any kind, will result in an eviction from the site. Please help us keep our campgrounds safe!​ Golf cart shuttles will be cruising around the campgrounds--flag ‘em down, and they’ll give you a ride. We’re having a little bit of a problem in the campgrounds, who do we contact? If the matter is urgent, please call 1.866.388.0007 with as many details as possible. If the matter is not an emergency, please send an email to with as many details as possible, including your contact information and campsite number. Does my campsite include admission to the festival? The purchase of your campsite does not include admission to the festival. Please note, in order to enter the campgrounds and access your campsite, you will need to purchase a weekend admission ticket. Is there a limit on the number of people that can stay on a campsite? As long as y’all stay within your marked area, you can accommodate as many people as you’d like! Can y'all provide fresh water or sewer services? Yes! Please contact Pat's at 262.537.4988. They work sunup to sundown! What are the rules regarding furniture? Upholstered household furniture is not allowed in the campgrounds. If you bring any of this furniture to the festival site, you will be fined $100 by campground staff. Arrangements can be made to return the payment by removing the furniture.


What kind of parking passes do you offer? We’ve got ‘em all - If you’re parking on your campsite, one vehicle is included. If you're bringing a second, you'll need an extra vehicle parking pass. Please note, only one additional vehicle is allowed per campsite. (Any extra extra vehicles will need to be parked in our weekend overnight parking area.) If you’re driving each day, you'll purchase General or Reserved parking. Reserved Parking is only sold for the entire festival, and it'll save you a walk - plus, you get to enter through our Reserved Entrance. General parking is a little cheaper, and buying all four days at once will save you a little $$$.)


Lost & Found Did you lose something? Oh no! If you’re still at the festival, head to the Information Booth--all lost and found makes its way there. If you’ve already left, give us a call at 1.866.388.0007. Found something? Please return the missing item to the Information Booth. No need to wait in line, just head to the Lost & Found window. Shower Facilities We know y’all have been dancing and want to clean up! There are three shower trailer locations. You can find two showers near the Front Gate, and one inside Preferred Camping. Showers are $7. Information Booth Our Information Booth is your one-stop shop for any questions or concerns! You can turn in a found item, pick up a lost item, file a compliment or complaint, ask a question, and renew your tickets for next year! Click here to view the Festival Maps and Information Booth location. Are shuttles available? Yes, click here! What is the venue address? The address is 2305 Lance Drive, Twin Lakes, WI 53181. Medical Services/ First Aid We hope you’re okay! If you have a medical need, please visit our onsite medical staff. Take a look at the Festival Map for the location. ATM Services We have several ATMs located inside the festival bowl! Click here to view the Festival Maps, or if you’re having trouble finding one, please visit the Information Booth, and we’ll point you in the right direction. Please note that our food and drink tickets can be purchased with card or cash! Artist Merchandise We love wearing our favorite artists’ merch! Of course we give you the opportunity to purchase your favorite artist's t-shirt! Please see the Festival Maps for the artist merch location. Food Vendors Have no fear - we have corn dogs! You’re sure to find something you like, whether you’re looking for a healthier option or a deep fried Oreo. Our food vendors are open 1PM-1AM. Retail Vendors Forgot your cowboy hat? Our vendors can fix that! Take a look around and browse jewelry, henna tattoos, clothing, boots, and more. Vehicle Assistance Need a tow? No need to worry, give Rae's Towing a call at 815.378.4350. They can help if you're locked out, need a jump start or fuel, or help moving a trailer.


Where is the ADA parking lot located? Our ADA accessible parking lot is available to those who have an ADA Parking Permit. In addition to your permit, you will need to purchase day parking. When you arrive at the festival, please make sure your permit is visible and you’ll be directed to the parking lot. It may be helpful to take a look at our Festival Map for the exact location! Is there an ADA viewing area for those that require it? We offer an ADA accessible seating area, located within our Reserved Section. The area offers limited seating, so we ask that disabled fans bring only one guest. Please note that as the crowd thickens, it may be difficult to access the area, so we suggest you arrive early. Do I need to purchase anything to gain access to the special viewing area? To gain access to the viewing area, you’ll simply need admission to the festival. I have an allergy or dietary restriction! How can I gain authorization to bring in outside food? If you have a true allergy or dietary restriction, please inform security when you enter the festival.

Meet & Greets / Onstage Seating

Are Meet & Greets available for sale? We do not have any Meet & Greets for sale - the only way to meet an artist is to win the pass! How can I win Meet & Greet passes? We suggest you try all of these suggestions! Keep an eye on our Facebook page, visit the artist’s website, and visit our sponsors during the festival. Where do I pick up my Meet & Greet passes? Your passes are available for pick up at the Information Booth on the day of the show. You’ll need to present a photo ID at pick up! I've won On-stage Seating! What are the rules? Congratulations! Please pick up your passes at the Information Booth at least two hours prior to the performance, and please arrive at the meeting location at least 30 minutes prior. There is no flash photography, food, drink, or smoking allowed once you are backstage. Please use the restroom beforehand, as we are unable to escort you back to the platform if you need to leave in the middle of a performance. Show your vaccination card at the Information Booth on site for your chance to win incredible prizes! Two Ways to Win!

1. Win a seat on the stage! We'll draw one winning name each day for a pair of Onstage Seats for our headliner.
2. On Sunday night, we'll draw for the amazing grand prize - a guitar signed by all the artists at the show. Any questions? Reach our Customer Care at 866.388.0007 or at

Ambassador Program

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Milwaukee, ride to the show with the Milwaukee Brat House! Their schedule will be available closer to the festival.


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