MARC programs and services during fall 2022

2022 Fall services will be initially scheduled as virtual events with the option to switch to in-person presentations offered as pandemic conditions allow. Services for schools with students in-person, fully remote, and using hybrid models remain available.
We encourage schools in any location, regardless of their distance from BSU, to request student services.  Although we reserve the right to make decisions on a case-by-case basis, we also anticipate that most virtual student services will be provided at no cost to schools.
Traditional in-person services will resume as soon as possible. Until then, Bridgewater State University's secure Zoom account will remain available for virtual programming. With that in mind, we are offering the following programs and services:
Click on underlined topic headings to learn more about those programs.


Until we're closer to the dates of our events, we cannot be certain if training will be conducted in person or online (virtual). In an abundance of caution, we will decide on the format of the event as the date approaches, and we'll communicate that to all registrants.  There will definitely be virtual TTT event(s) offered for those who prefer that format. During virtual training, school staff will interact while participating in the training remotely. Bridgewater State University's secure Zoom account will be available for use. 

*NEW* Online On-demand version of our Train the Trainer is now available! Click here for more information. 


PARENT EVENTS: Social distancing may be possible for parent events; if so, they may be done in person. Virtual presentations are available as well.  


In Person Assemblies. The safety of our presenters and your students are of the utmost importance to us. We will be assessing our ability to provide in person presentations as we get closer to the fall.  

Virtual Assemblies. We understand that each school's situation is very different and while we will be as flexible as possible in how services are presented virtually we can't guarantee that we will be able to accommodate every request. Please note:

 1. ALL requests are encouraged! We will accommodate whenever possible so it costs nothing to ask. 

 2. Free presentations are limited to 2 each day no matter the format that schools are using. We are aware that this means that fewer students may be reached ; we encourage the use of Curricula for other students (below) if additional presentations can't be scheduled. 

Virtual In-Class Assemblies and Discussions. Using Bridgewater State University's secure Zoom account, MARC presenters will lead a lively information session and discussion with 30 or fewer in-class students seated in each classroom. 

Keep in mind:

 1. Schools with in-class students will need to have the technological capacity to project an Internet-connected computer screen. Remember, MARC presenters will NOT be in-person. 

 2. Presentations can be simultaneously delivered to up to 5 different classrooms (that means that a total of 150 students per presentation is possible). We are sensitive to the fact that not all schools may have this capacity, and these schools can utilize our free, research-based curricula (below).

Virtual Assemblies and Discussions for Fully Remote and Hybrid Models. Details will be arranged to accommodate each schools situation whenever possible. Use of Bridgewater State University's secure Zoom account is available. 


We hope that trips to the Bridgewater State University campus will be possible during the fall. However, a virtual version of this training has been made and already tested should that not work out. 


This new program, focusing on bias, awareness, and diversity training, is being designed for use with faculty and with students. For the pilot of this new program, the faculty training was designed as a webinar, but in future years we anticipate it being delivered in person at schools as an in-service training. The coordinating student curriculum is being designed for trained teachers to utilize in their classes. The faculty training of this program will be delivered to designated schools at no charge.


These are available, free of charge, for anyone who can use a copy.  We encourage the use of these Curricula during this pandemic. Be sure to also look at our free materials from the "When the Kids Come Back" webinar by clicking HERE

We are currently scheduling 2022 fall dates and the most up to date curriculum is available through the use of our Request Form.