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In-person services for SPRING 2023 are being scheduled as health conditions and staffing allow. We may ask that masks be worn, or a switch to a virtual format be made.

Bullying & Cyberbullying Progams

Bullying & Cyberbullying Programs

Bullying & Cyberbulling Training

​Social conflict, bullying, and cyberbullying remain common challenges in any school environment today.  This training focuses on clarifying what faculty should look for, how gateway behaviors contribute, and practical, concrete approaches in responding. Everything covered is research-based and the data is explored. Directly related topics such as social media use are also covered. 

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Digital Behaviors

Digital Behaviors Programs

Students with Digital Tablets
Digital Behaviors Training

Social media and technology use aren’t tangential to behavior and mental health in kids today – this is a central issue.  This training focuses more specifically on digital problems (such as cyberbullying or sexting), the research on these problems, and concrete approaches to addressing these challenges.


  • Screens & Social Media Use Faculty Training

Bias & Diversity

Bias & Diversity Programs

Diverse Group Cheering
Bias & Diversity Training

This new program for faculty provides a training that is designed to help raise awareness of bias and diversity challenges in education, and provide tips and strategies that educators can use to improve their teaching or the administration of their schools.  At present, this program is being evaluated and thus schools may opt to participate as part of the pilot program. There is a student curriculum that accompanies this training.


Pandemic SEL

Pandemic SEL Programs

Business Conference
Pandemic SEL Training

The coronavirus pandemic has posed a significant threat to children’s mental health, as they’ve endured approximately a year with social isolation, high screen use, and parental anxiety and stress.  This faculty training reviews the research we have on the pandemic and its impact on children, including research conducted here at MARC, and practical steps and that schools and educators can take to promote children’s mental health and to maximize their recovery post-pandemic.   

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Faculty Advisory Training

Faculty Advisory Training

Faculty Advisory Training

Advisory can be a tricky program to implement. Educators may resist, students may not participate, and the purpose of Advisory can become vague and poorly defined. This training helps educators understand the purpose of Advisory (not therapy!), how to frame it for students, and the research that clearly indicates what elements help Advisory succeed and what approaches are much less successful.   

Student Programming

Student Programming

Student Programming
  • Virtual In-school Assemblies              

  • Peer Leadership Training Workshops 

  • Research Based In Class Curricula

  • Youth Events & Contests                                         

Other Services

Other Services

Other Services and Reources.jpg
Other Services & Resources
  • Customized Surveys for Parents, Students and/or Faculty

  • Parent Help Guides & Presentations

  • Professional Resources

  • Needs Assessment Guide

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