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Pandemic & SEL Programs
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Pandemic SEL & Mental Health Programs

Faculty/Professional Training

The past couple years have had an unprecedented impact upon children's mental health.  Factors that promote strong social and emotional functioning for children, such as play with peers, social interactions in school, connections with friends and teachers, daily routines, and close relationships with extended family members were all cast aside for many months in the national effort to control the coronavirus pandemic.  In addition, new stressors, such as elevated levels of bias-related bullying and fighting, have presented a more difficult world for many children to navigate. Research at MARC, as well as in other universities, has found large and significant increases in anxiety and depression among children.  While it is probable that many children will adjust well, some children will bring these challenges to school with them as we return to a post-pandemic life, and the purpose of this training is to help give educators practical and concrete tools they can use to help children re-adjust to school, camp, and other traditional settings. 

Research conducted here at MARC, as well as other research on the pandemic and previous studies examining children's needs in the wake of natural disasters, will be applied to help classroom teachers, school counselors, school administrators, and parents support children during this recovery period. 

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SEL Training For Teacher Candidates

Faculty/Professional Training

Helps prepare new teachers to be educated and aware of social and emotional learning.

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Pandemic Mental Health Books & Programs For Kids

Kids & Student Programs

Insanely Awesome Pandemic Playbook Series

There are currently four available books in the Insanely Awesome series that help children understand and address the challenging psychological concerns that the pandemic has created.

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"I thought the data and info about the trends of the pandemic was so interesting-- from a parent & teacher perspective."

Kids-Teach-Kids Curriculum 

Studies conducted during the pandemic show that children are suffering from anxiety and depression in greater numbers than before the pandemic. 

The Kids-Teach-Kids Curriculum emerges from MARC’s tradition of training youth to help their peers address social concerns. Free and widely accessible to all children, parents, teachers, and counselors, the curriculum incorporates science and humor to help children find answers to their questions about their feelings and worries related to Covid and the Delta surge. Specifically, the curriculum addresses topics including mask wearing, social distancing, friendships, school, and the vaccine. This is an online program for students utilizing the Insanely Awesome books.

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Pandemic & SEL Downloads

Pandemic & SEL Downloads


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Other Available Downloads
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