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Bias & Diversity Programming

Bias & Diversity Programming


This new program, focusing on bias, awareness, and diversity training, is being designed for use with faculty and with students. Schools may sign up to request participation in the program by submitting a Request Form. 

This training includes two components: training for faculty and staff and curriculum for students. *Staff training is possible now but the curricula is not currently available. We recommend that all schools start with the faculty training and then just incorporate the curriculum once it becomes available.

Faculty Training


Training for staff is 3 hours and includes lecture, discussion, and utilizes a variety of media formats to engage all types of learners. Training for staff will explore the following topics: basic understanding of what bias is, how it is formed, and the most common types of bias; research about how bias impacts the student experience; how to create spaces for open and honest discussion about bias and diversity; and most importantly, how to combat bias in the classroom, in peer relationships, and in oneself. Currently being delivered in person at schools as an in-service training. 

Bias & Diversity Student Curriculum

The coordinating student curriculum is currently being created for trained teachers to utilize in their classes. The student curriculum will offer 15-20 minute lessons that can be inserted when/where you have time. Curriculum for students will provide a basic understanding of: bias and how it forms; the many benefits of incorporating diversity into our lives; the ways that bias impacts one's daily life; how to combat bias in oneself; how to confront bias in others; and how to talk openly and honestly about issues related to bias and diversity.

Bias & Diversity Curriculum
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